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Motor Insurance UK- FAQ

1. Which company do motor insurance UK represent?

2. Do you only provide information and links for motor insurance?

3. What factors Affect My Car Insurance Costs?

4. I own a website, can i link to yours?

Which company do motor insurance UK represent?

Motor insurance UK are an independent web site. We are not tied to any one company, but provide information and links to the best range of companies on the Internet for all types of UK insurance. Our advice is completely free and impartial.

We currently deal with a number of brokers and companies. Many of the brokers in tun will search through a number of companies to get you the best quote. Quotline direct, for example, will search over 450 companies to give you the best car insurance quote.

Do you only provide information and links for motor insurance?

No. Although we provide information for car and motor insurance, we aim to provide help in getting good prices on all types of insurance within the UK, online. At the moment, we cover : car insurance, bike insurance, pet insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, travel insurance, health insurance, and breakdown and recovery insurance.

What factors Affect My Car Insurance Costs?

Car insurance quotes vary quite a lot from broker to broker and from company to company. Each company will evaluate you according to how high a risk you are for them to insure, however, they will use slightly different techniques to do this. However, they normally consider: Age, Sex, Vehicle Insurance Group, Type of Insurance (3rd part, Fire & Theft, Comprehensive), your Postcode, Whether the vehicle is garaged, Whether it has been modified, if there is an alarm or immobiliser fitted.

An ideal situation would be to have a low performance vehicle with a low insurance group (e.g. Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 or Ford fiesta 1.1), owned by a driver with a full no claims bonus who lives in a low crime area and keeps the car in a garage at night, with an immobilser, etc.,etc.

You may find that the company will offer you the opportunity to pay a higher excess to reduce you annual premium. In the event of an accident, this is the amount of the claim you will have to pay before the company pays.

I own a website, can i link to yours?

We operate a reciprocal link-swap scheme. Click here for details.

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